Hi, my name is Adam. My pals Sammy and Luna make some awesome (and healthy) dog treats. My pack and I love these treats so much that we thought we should share them with all of the other dawgs in the world. So I called my dawg Rex to see if we could get enough bones together, and my dawg Ethel to see if we could find a place big enough so Sammy & Luna could make enough treats for us to share. Rex found the bones and Ethel found the place, so next we called up Mo to get our website up and running, then Ellie hooked us up with business cards and packaging and stuff like that, and that’s how we got started…
Hi, I’m Rex. I helped Adam dig up enough bones so Sammy and Luna could make enough treats to share with y’all. I am responsible for keeping an eye on bones buried in the back yard so we can continue to bring our treats to you!
Hi, I’m Ethel. I am the bitch in charge. EVERYTHING must have my paw of approval! When Adam called me, I knew exactly what he wanted and what he needed to do to pull this off.
Hi, I’m Ellie. I am really good at speaking and making humans listen, so Adam called me to help get the word out!
Hi, I’m Mo. I like to play! And sometimes I play with computers, so Adam called me to help get everything wired up!
Hi, we are Sammy & Luna. We have spent many years perfecting our gluten free AND delicious snacks. So when Adam ask us about sharing our treats with all of you, we were really excited!!